Wild Horses by Ȱ’ra Brigit [Indie Folk]

Wild Horses by Ȱ’ra Brigit [Indie Folk]

Ȱ’ra Brigit’s has a beautiful voice and hypnotic vocals!

Through the use of soft, acoustic chords, her own wispy voice and expressive lyrics, Ȱ’ra Brigit’s, “Wild Horses” is more than a song–it’s a glimpse into the way a modern woman is viewed and the standards she is held up to. In the first twenty-five seconds of the track, Brigit’s acoustic instrumentals convey a whimsical and imaginative tone that sets the stage for the rest of the song.

The idea that women are judged unfairly by society based on their behavior is shown most clearly in the first two lines: “This virgin is not pure, that’s the only thing about her they seem sure of.” The first line itself is actually a juxtaposition that plays on the common idea that a person who abstains from sex is “pure” and “innocent” in all walks of life. The second line, on the other hand, demonstrates that this lack of purity is all anyone sees, and all anyone views as worth seeing.

Although the first verse touches on the themes of the song, it is the second verse that gives it purpose. With Ȱ’ra Brigit’s hypnotic vocals and the new addition of a violin, Brigit sings: “Her fantasies are her wild horses, they remain beautiful and untamed.” Here, it is where Brigit paints her own song not just as a closer look towards how society views femininity, but as an escape. Though they may be judged for their behavior, women are allowed to dream of an open field or meadow where they can be untamed–just like wild horses.

While hearing this track and writing this online music review, one thing became clear: as the piece continues, not only does it feel more vibrant and magical through its gentle acoustics and soothing violin, but also through its lyrics as well. In the last line of the song, Brigit concludes her ballad with, “So let’s go and run away with wild horses.” The transgression of the song from a degraded and beaten down virgin to a carefree individual who may run and be free without the fear of judgment is captured both beautifully and expressively in Ȱ’ra Brigit’s, “Wild Horses”.

Ȱ’ra Brigit is a London based indie folk singer-songwriter, who’s music is both delicate and thought-provoking, making use of rich chords as a platform for her warm and sensitive voice. Greatly influenced by the folk movement of the 70s, as well as more traditional folk styles, her heartfelt lyrics intelligently reflect upon themes of humanity, femininity, nature and politics, and for this she is often likened to Joni Mitchell. Her soulful storytelling style also clearly demonstrates her love of contemporary songwriters such as Bon Iver, Cara Dillon and Laura Marling.


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