Music Submission

SoundCloud Music Reviews is a team of writers, musicians, producers and Indie supporters that provide music reviews for Soundcloud artists and producers. With rising expenses and the desire to provide an excellent opportunity to new and seasoned artists, we have developed a simple price structure that will allow us to serve the artist and enhance what we provide to our readers and supporters. See the options below:

In order to have music reviewed, you must have a SoundCloud account.

All music submitted must be RADIO FRIENDLY (free of profanity and explicit content), or it will most likely be rejected. Our goal is obviously to respect creative freedom of the artists and at the same time keep our content friendly for all listeners. Please respect this request and either bleep out the words or send tracks that do not contain them. We have no desire to reduce the importance of creative expression, only to present content that is no less than “radio friendly” for our readers and subscribers.

We are currently only reviewing single tracks, mixes, but not entire albums. We welcome all genres.