Loz Makumbe – “Why Waste Time”

Loz Makumbe – “Why Waste Time”

loz_small;For a late candlelit night by a bedside or a window, “Why Waste Time” is a sentimental ballad of delicate piano, haunting acoustic guitar, and a voice both soulful and contemporary. 17-year-old artist Lorraine Ruvimbo Makumbe is equipped with a voice that rivals most of pop’s biggest acts, both contemporary and old. Evoking clean, shimmering vocalizations, Makumbe’s talent spans soft middles and soaring highs to fly above the acoustic dirge and background symphony.

To marvel at how remarkable her voice at a young age is insulting, though—this would be a feat for anyone, young or old, male or female, and within any genre of music. The romantic ambiance is coated with just enough accessibility to guarantee it as a hit on any radio station or channel in the country. The musical prowess of the additional musicians implies an ear for beauty and solemnity.

“Why Waste Time” is not particular distinguishable or uncanny in its format, bordering on sounding rather predictable. That is not to discount the talents of Ms. Makumbe, however. Her merits are obvious and shining in this track, echoing all up and down the spectrum with dazzling vocalizations and earnest passion to tell a story. “Why Waste Time” is no waste of time and all, and the future is looking bright.


Full name is Lorraine Ruvimbo Makumbe. Artist name is Loz, from Nuneaton, Britain (UK). I am a solo artist that works with a group of other solo artists to promote each other and work together to achieve that. Along with singing and rapping. I dance, write poetry and act.

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4 Responses

  1. witness says:

    thats it girl!

  2. witness says:

    you`ve the talent girl.keep it up!

  3. sheila says:

    Good review. Awesome song. Well done baby girl.

  4. Lorrai says:

    Well done . That’s very good . Pop star of the future