Evolution Beat’s “Love Me More” is Natural and Devoted [Reggae/Pop]

Evolution Beat - Love me more

Evolution Beat’s “Love Me More” is Natural and Devoted [Reggae/Pop]

Evolution Beat Modern reggae is most popular when incorporated with punk, ska, or funk. A few pop bands try to fuse the style in, but Baha Men made it such a joke that the mainstream just has to steer away for generations to come. However, Evolution Beat doesn’t worry about this: They have all the pieces to make pop reggae work. In their new single “Love Me More,” they blend light melodies to accomplish the quintessential cheeriness of classic reggae.

“Love Me More” is very good about being subtle with its reggae staples. Vocalist Garrett Stevens avoids the familiar gimmick of “sounding Jamaican” by delivering his lines in a relaxed, poised manner. He lets the music cover the contemporary ska sound without needing to shove the genre down your throat. This natural approach is carried through the entire song, as the guitar doesn’t have that stereotypical “chick-(pause)-chick-(pause)” formula and the bass is played normally without slap effects. The usual ska signifiers are so indirect that you have to stop and ask yourself, “What genre is this?” The answer is pleasantly ambiguous as the finished product is devoted to the music’s feel rather than genre.

I really appreciate how Evolution Beat went about making this song. They didn’t let genre classify the track. Rather, they made a recording and it naturally fell into a category. This underrated method is where Evolution Beat shows its potential.


Evolution Beat ’s fusion of pop and contemporary ska began in the Ventura County/LA underground, where Garrett Stevens built a strong following as the main songwriter, vocalist and guitarist in the band, ElevatorSka (and a history of other SoCal bands) prior to teaming up with producer and studio musician, Kerwin “Skooter” Williams. Williams has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg and on notable television and film scores, while also in demand for his talents as a session bassist. The duo formalized their partnership in 2013 when Stevens and Williams became Evolution Beat and co-wrote the radio single “Love Me More,” at the same time creating a new sound that neither of their former bands had previously produced.


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