The Root Project – “Caos”

February 21, 2013 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, Dance, Electronic, Independent Artists, lounge, Techno, trance
It’s a rave track gone wild—moody, pulsating, and eerie, with the keyboards given a distorted edge to add discomfort and style. Rafael Marsilli, an 18-year-old electro producer from Brazil, has given his “Root Project”...
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`Last Battle` by Kowdermeister

September 3, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in 6th Trumpet, All Music Reviews, Avant Garde Electronic, chill, trance, World
After listening to this track entitled “Last Battle,” I found this to be a very positive track overall, and not much to complain about.  The track is full of life and energy and nothing shy of great. The recording,...
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