Joe Given – Pop Fusion in “Terrifying Love”

July 7, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Electronic, electropop, Pop
Some voices are just meant for pop: constructed and designed to be the vocal point of an easy-listening experience. If you read about Joe Given and his pop influences, you see the likes of Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey, John Legend,...
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Evolution Beat - Love me more

Evolution Beat’s “Love Me More” is Natural and Devoted [Reggae/Pop]

June 8, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Pop, reggae
Modern reggae is most popular when incorporated with punk, ska, or funk. A few pop bands try to fuse the style in, but Baha Men made it such a joke that the mainstream just has to steer away for generations to come. However,...
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Life in Static - Larusso

Larusso nails their own sound with “The Voice” [Alternative/Pop/Rock/Punk]

June 3, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Alternative, Pop, punk, Rock
Sometimes I forget that emo and pop punk never actually went away: it just lost its mainstream appeal. The generation that grew up with that music eventually “grew out of it” once they graduated high school. However, as long...
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Eric Frisch Gets Nostalgic with “Pretty Girls”

May 25, 2014 By hdesantis
in Acoustic, All Music Reviews, folk, Pop, Rock
Do you ever get in a music discussion only to hear that tired, old adage? You know, the one that says, “They just don’t make music like they used to.” This is a lazy conclusion because many people are chasing nostalgic...
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Adina – “Just A Girl”

May 19, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, country, Pop
If you’re given the opportunity to sing in front of President Obama, you’re talented. There’s very little to analyze there. This past spring, Adina had that very honor as she sang “Star-Spangled Banner” for the...
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Lawrence Beamen – Round and Round

May 9, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, jazzy, Pop, R&B, Soul
In 2009, Lawrence Beamen made a successful appearance on America’s Got Talent. In the interview before this performance (which won him a top 5 spot in the competition), Lawrence expressed how his voice is dedicated to his...
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Joel Havea – “Simple Things”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in Acoustic, All Music Reviews, folk, Pop
Walking through the cold streets of Hamburg, An acoustic song of Joel Havea’s Australian homeland is the last thing you’d expect to hear. Havea recently relocated to Germany in hopes to warm up the land and show that you can...
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Lael Summer – “Burden to Bear”

April 22, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Funk, Pop, R&B, Soul
Lael Summer might be new to the New York soul scene, but could be hearing more about her soon. Lael was recently signed to independent label True Groove Records: a label name that pretty much summarizes her flare. Lael’s...
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Gloria George – “Ombra Mai Fu”

March 17, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, classical, Classical Crossover, Pop
At age six, doctors told Gloria that she would never speak again. After proving them wrong through successful surgery, Gloria started pursuing music. She experimented with many styles and genres, but never found one to work for...
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Ebony Archer: Get Back Up

November 20, 2013 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, inspirational, Pop, R&B
If the sound of a neo-soul dance party meeting R&B sounds appealing, then Ebony Archer is going to be your jam. Ebony brings enthusiastic gospel-infused pop: taking musical influences from the 80’s and vocal influences of...
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