Instrumental Hip Hop

The Crack Factory “Layers” and “By My Side”

March 25, 2013 By Tremayne Worsham a.k.a The Mighty Quiz
in All Music Reviews, Instrumental Hip Hop, Tremayne Worsham a.k.a. The Mighty Quiz
I must say that I am lucky to have been able to do this review, if I hadn’t I might have let Crack Factory slip through the cracks, no pun intended. Here is someone with obvious talent that has a great ear for putting some...
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Svendiamond – Flaowsin

February 21, 2013 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, Hip Hop, Independent Artists, instrumental, Instrumental Hip Hop
Music that makes the soul speak in an unknown tongue and music that complements peace. “He is refining his methods; he is evolving.” So goes the sound sample at the beginning of this song, “Flaowsin.” From the beginning...
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Super Basement EP produced by Jesse Futerman

July 16, 2012 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in 6th Trumpet, All Music Reviews, Funk, Hip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul
Jus Like Music Records artist Jesse Futerman, may only be 19 years old, but he packs a seasoned sound when it comes to music production. He’s not  a beginner trying to mimic other producers, he’s creating music that...
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Acid Reign produced by Tensei

Who would have thought that “Acid Reign” would be beneficial to the environment. Of course this is not in a literal sense, but in an abstract representation of sound. Acid Reign not to be confused with Acid Rain, but just as...
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Rising produced by Ed Leigh

February 17, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in All Music Reviews, Instrumental Hip Hop, Soul
Ed Leigh is almost like an underdog, full of surprises. Gifted with a creative ear and rhythmic chill, I have to give him the props that are due. Ed considers himself just an average person who loves music, but after listening to...
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Fly in My Starship produced by SiD Mercutio

January 28, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in Hip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, R&B, Remixes, Soul
SiD Mercutio aka Roland Ikponmwosa Idehen is a DJ that has transformed his skill into production and sound creation. As a Computer Studies and Sound Recording major, his intellect matches his production, bright, unique and...
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Love to the World produced by Tall Black Guy Productions

January 14, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in Hip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Soul
For those that are tuned into under ground hip hop… what is the first thing you think of when I say “Tall Black Guy Productions”? If I am speaking an urban slang dialect, I’d say fresh tracks or dope beats....
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Clean North produced by Sleeper

December 10, 2011 By 6th Trumpet
in Instrumental Hip Hop
Whoo weee! All the way from Minneapolis, Bradley Henegar aka Sleeper rises and steps up. All I can say is that the production flavor on “Clean North” is definitely a soul soaker. Since I love the sound of the piano in...
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