Altair 6 – “Sightseeing (Original Mix)”

February 14, 2013 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, Dance, Electronic, Music
Altair 6 – “Sightseeing (Original Mix)” Hailing from the Netherlands, this tune by Dutch artist Altair 6 melds influences from disco, dance, and electronic music to create a breezing fusion. “Sightseeing (Original Mix)”...
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Gently In + Tioughnioga produced by Perpetual Process

Perpetual is defined as continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; lasting an indefinitely long time. I’d like to introduce a producer that lives up to the definition. Ralph Klisiewicz, Chicago based...
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The Belladonna Cure

January 23, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in Dance, DJ, Electronic
The Belladonna Cure, based in Austin Texas has jumped onto the scene with a running start, producing music that is heavily rooted in “Dance.” I can’t say that this group of artists has re-invented the sound of dance...
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The Drive Produced by Rich Soul

January 1, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in Dance, House, Techno
Rich Sound… Rich Flavor… Rich Soul. Richard Sofia aka Rich Soul from Port Elizabeth, on the east coast of sunny South Africa, has begun to spark the house and techno world with his own unique style of production. From...
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“Don’t Go” Produced by Dave De Rose

December 26, 2011 By 6th Trumpet
in African, Dance, Psychedelic Funk
Let’s cut to the chase. There is one thing that can’t be debated…  Dave De Rose is either a very talented music producer or he is a music magician. I am leaning heavily on premise that he is definitely a...
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