Kbit’s Space Symphony in “Anytime But Then”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, ambient, chill, chillout, Electronic
If I’ve learned anything from space travel movies, it’s that outer space is terrifying. Something always goes wrong out there and at least one astronaut is left to die alone in orbit. Horrific. In contrast, Australian...
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Dawnshape – “Either This”

August 23, 2013 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, chill, chillout, Electronic, Experimental
[Mini-Review] An echoing glow of minimalism, this composition makes great use of wide-open spaces and closed-in production. “Either This” by Dawnshape is a steady rhythm of quiet percussion, the distant chime of horns, and...
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`Last Battle` by Kowdermeister

September 3, 2012 By 6th Trumpet
in 6th Trumpet, All Music Reviews, Avant Garde Electronic, chill, trance, World
After listening to this track entitled “Last Battle,” I found this to be a very positive track overall, and not much to complain about.  The track is full of life and energy and nothing shy of great. The recording,...
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