Abstract process brings the ruckus with “Almost There” [Instrumental Hip-Hop]

Abstract process brings the ruckus with “Almost There” [Instrumental Hip-Hop]

abstract-process-studioI am “Almost There”, no pun intended,  represents the classic sound of underground hip hop and more specifically, captures that east coast vibe.

The production hails from a producer named Amid, currently in the Baltimore area, who goes under the production name Abstract Process. With a long history of hip-hop and a vision to create sustainable music, “Almost There” is birthed.

The track immediately invokes the classic head-nod, neck-snapping, groove along motion, that only true hip-hop heads can explain. This particular track is extremely versatile, from a freestyle cipher, to a score of a movie backdrop, to a feature single that drives the most gifted emcees.

The chorus section drops with a vibrant sample and wa-wa tone that SIMPLY backs of the fact that this track is truly original in nature and is a definite hit. If I said nothing else, the track is just a smooth track that makes you wonder else abstract has cooking in the lab.

Production Quality is crisp in every direction with a slight grunge feel which again should gain much respect on the underground and main stream hip-hop genre’s.

If I had to knit-pick, I would say, change-up in the drum pattern could make this track even more exciting, even if it was every 16 OR 32 BARS. I also like introductions or a rise of anticipation at the front end of a track.

Last but not least, I am eager to hear some vocals over this track because it sounds like a “Q-tip” type emcee would have a field day with this. Great Job on this Track!



Abstract Process is abstractprocessNYC/Newark N.J native living in Baltimore, MD Hip-Hop Producer.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/abstractprocess/

Twitter: twitter.com/abstractprocess


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