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SoundCloud Music Reviews is a website dedicated to reviewing the music of artists and producers using the SoundCloud platform. It also conducts and hosts audio-based interviews with the artists, giving them the opportunity to speak about their work and what makes them unique.

Music in contemporary society is infinite. Whether it’s the solo violinist playing Bach and Paganini in a crowded subway or the struggling friend posting on Facebook about his latest project born over a single night, music has never been more bountiful or easy to access. The power of Soundcloud.com supercharges this artistic expression with the option to explore thousands of undiscovered and upcoming artists belting their hearts out with genres never ventured into. The power is back in the hands of the people, igniting limitless boundaries and exciting opportunities.

SoundCloud Music Reviews is a guide to navigate through the myriad songs and artists clamoring for attention. More importantly, it is a podium for new sounds and fragments of imagination itching for that extra push or promotion. It is the bridge in the gap between amateurs and professionals, blurring the line and filling the chasm to unlock talent and gifts kept unjustly hidden from the masses. Originally kicked off with a focus on reviewing songs within the genres of hip hop, dub step, soulful house, neo soul, gospel and jazz, SoundCloud Music Reviews has knocked down borders to welcome artists from all realms of expression. Other genres covered include electronic, trip-hop, avant-garde, synthpop, alternative rock and indie.

Headed by mastermind Ricky White, the team is dedicated to bringing to light the best and the brightest of emerging or unknown artists who have stories to tell, describing songs in great detail. With over 200 visitors per week, SoundCloud Music Reviews is a rapidly growing source for channeling the underground maze of unsigned musicians and singers. Garnering views from places all over the world, including North America, Japan, Russia, and the UK, the bar is set higher every day with long-term goals of readership.

We look forward to continuing to build connections with dedicated music amateurs and professionals. Learn more about Ricky White, head mastermind of SoundCloud Music Reviews.

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