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Lawrence Beamen – Round and Round

May 9, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, jazzy, Pop, R&B, Soul
In 2009, Lawrence Beamen made a successful appearance on America’s Got Talent. In the interview before this performance (which won him a top 5 spot in the competition), Lawrence expressed how his voice is dedicated to his...
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Eluusif – Hair Like Skrillex

May 8, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews
Towards the tail-end of the Eluusif’s dubstep track “Hair Like Skrillex,” he has some robots deliver the following message for him: “I want my hair like Skrillex, Ears like Deadmau5, Beard like David Guetta, Teeth...
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Blue and Bordeaux – Know Me Well

April 29, 2014 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, folk, Rock
Folk music’s transformation over the last few years has now reached the stage where it’s bored with itself. A folk single is now a pop single; all of which seem to feature some choir inadvertantly yelling “Hey!”...
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Kbit’s Space Symphony in “Anytime But Then”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, ambient, chill, chillout, Electronic
If I’ve learned anything from space travel movies, it’s that outer space is terrifying. Something always goes wrong out there and at least one astronaut is left to die alone in orbit. Horrific. In contrast, Australian...
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Christina Rubino – “The Gateway”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Alternative, country, folk
It’s always the strongest voices that show us the most vulnerability. No matter what the song’s content is, vulnerability is the most relatable thing it can offer. Sometimes it feels like music doesn’t have room for that...
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Gasmilk Maximizes off Simplicity in “2 Of Us”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Dance, DJ, Electronic, electropop
Gasmilk’s new track “2 of Us” is about being direct. It’s about not wasting time to come forward with what you want, even if it’s something simple. This is an appropriate theme to pair up with music that wastes no...
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